Baltic Sea experts
On this page, you can find University of Helsinki researchers, who are specialised in Baltic Sea themes.

David Fewer

  • microbial genomics of cyanobacteria from the Baltic Sea and how they are adapted to nutrient limitation and the production of toxins.

Camilla Gustafsson

  • ecology
  • seagrasses and other aquatic plants
  • marine biodiversity.

Tom Jilbert

  • eutrophication
  • deoxygenation and hypoxia
  • phosphorus and nitrogen cycling
  • sediment biogeochemistry
  • pollution

Laura Kauppi

  • benthic microfauna
  • invasive species
  • ecosystem functioning
  • environmental monitoring.

Alf Norkko


  • marine ecosystems
  • marine biodiversity
  • Tvärminne research station.


Joanna Norkko

  • ecology
  • benthic macrofauna
  • Tvärminne research station.

Paula Vanninen

  • chemical weapons in the Baltic Sea.

Anna Villnäs

  • ecology of benthic fauna
  • biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
  • ecosystem disturbance and recovery.

Mats Westerbom (until the end of2021)

  • hard-bottom communities
  • blue mussels
  • coastal fish.