A fair society

What would a fair society look like, one in which everyone would have equal opportunities to participate?

Finland, with the help of the University of Helsinki, has built one of the fairest societies in the world. However our society is far from perfect and there are many persisting and emerging inequalities.

Across the world, several major shifts are currently underway, with both global and local implications. Inequality is increasing in healthcare, education and political participation. Migrant movements and multi-culturalism are having an impact on how we coexist and think about solidarity. Digitalisation generates both new opportunities and challenges for human interaction and participation in society. War has returned to Europe and democratic values are being challenged.

Research can bring to light the obstacles that are standing in the way of justice, such as inequality, social division caused by polarisation and structural discrimination.

The University of Helsinki is helping to build a better society by training experts and studying topics such as welfare and health discrepancies, well-being at work, democracy and the rule of law, and social diversity.

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Highlighted research areas

By conducting fundamental multidisciplinary research, we can better understand and solve the key issues of our society. At the University of Helsinki, our research focuses include equality in education, preventing health and social inequalities, cultural and religious diversity, and changes in democracy.

Our research on inequality in health and wellbeing, interventions that promote equality as well as basic social security systems is among the best in the world.

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Educate yourself into an expert or update your skills

We are educating experts in social phenomena and structures with our bachelor’s and master’s programmes across the university. We also offer a variety of opportunities for you to update your existing skills by taking courses through our Open University.


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There are many ways to collaborate with us and support our work. Whether you’re a company, organization or alumni, our teams can help to find a mutually-beneficial opportunity for both of us. Interested? Contact us.

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