Episode 5: Populism through a philosophical lens
There seem to be as many definitions of populism as there are researchers of it. As a concept it is widely used in the current European politics and therefore it deserves a thorough, even philosophical consideration of it. Helping us with that task is PhD student Tuukka Brunila from EuroStorie. How does populism relate to the de-politicization of certain questions? We have all heard of right-wing populism, but is there something called left-wing populism as well? If everything is political, how can we distinguish good policies from bad ones?


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References in the episode:

Michel Foucault

The Disaster Artist (book/movie)



Tuukka Brunila

Tuukka Brunila is a PhD student in subproject 2, Discovering the Limits of Reason – Europe and the Crisis of Universalism. He specialises in continental philosophy and history of philosophy. His main topic of interest is the relationship between politics and reason.

Bea Bergholm

Bea Bergholm is the host of the podcast. She has a Master's Degree in Social Sciences (social and cultural anthropology) and works as a project planner at the Centre of Excellence in Law, Identity and the European Narratives. She is interested in human rights issues, environmental justice and sustainable development.


Paolo Amorosa

Dr. Paolo Amorosa the host of the EuroStorie podcast. He is a post-doctoral researcher in subproject 1, Law and the Uses of the Past. He has a background in international law, law and religion, and legal theory. His research deals primarily with the history of international law and human rights in the twentieth century.



Episode no: 5

Release date: 13 October 2020

Recording: ArtLab Helsinki

Audio elements: Antonio Lopez Garcia

Banner photo: Unsplash/Jakob Braun

Text: Bea Bergholm

Banner: Tuomas Heikkilä