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Together with other Una Europa partners, University of Helsinki has developed cutting-edge courses and programmes to give you the skills you need to embrace the opportunities of today – and the confidence to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.




The Una Europa Joint Bachelor of Arts in European Studies (BAES) is a unique joint programme, co-developed by eight Una Europa partner universities. The programme examines the fundamental aspects and values of the European Union as well as European states and societies. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, it reflects on the role of Europe in the world and offers research skills to analyse key issues related to Europe. Through the extensive mobility programme, students will not only learn about Europe but also experience, live and grow in an international setting.

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Join our Una Europa interdisciplinary and transnational ecosystem in Cultural Heritage! Become a part of Una-Her-Doc, a unique European doctoral programme in Cultural Heritage, offered and created by eight Una Europa universities. Follow high-quality, innovative and customizable educational materials. Collaborate with numerous renowned cultural heritage academics and professionals. Participate in the second international cohort of Doctoral candidates and in one of Una Europa's transnational research teams in Cultural Heritage. Develop your profile for working in a European and international environment in relation to Cultural Heritage.

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Short Courses