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Imagine being part of a dynamic community of 600,000 students across 11 European universities, working together to shape the future of education! This is what Una Europa is all about - a powerful alliance dedicated to creating innovative and unparalleled learning experiences for students like you.

Whether you're looking to pursue your academic interests or get involved in exciting extracurricular activities, Una Europa has got you covered. Our universities collaborate to offer a range of study options, from cutting-edge research programs to interdisciplinary courses that push the boundaries of traditional learning.

But Una Europa is more than just a network of top-notch universities - it's a vibrant community that encourages students to get involved and make a difference. Join a local task force and be part of the conversation on how we can shape the future of education. Or participate in one of our many extracurricular activities, where you can explore your passions, make new friends, and develop valuable skills.

With so many opportunities to choose from, Una Europa is the perfect place to unleash your potential and make a positive impact on the world.

Una Opportunities for Students

Being a member in the local task force here at the University of Helsinki means that you will join a team of motivated and enthusiastic students! We are open for all backgrounds and study fields and levels of study. Currently we’re a mix of both international and Finnish students and range from bachelor to master to PhD students. We meet every other week and plan activities, events, brainstorm and implement activities.

A big part of the work is helping to create awareness about initiatives (such as those mentioned above), but you will also be part of defining future initiatives of Una Europa (both here in Helsinki but it can also be on the European level!) and work on how students can be more involved in what Una Europa should be now and in the future.

If you want to get involved as a student in our local task force, please get in touch with the project coordinator for Una Europa at the university Stinne Vognaes ( or if you have thoughts on student matters, you can get in touch with our Student Board Representative  Sara Korjus (

The student congress is an annual forum for Una Europa students to come together. It will take place every year in November and connect the aims of the Una Europa 2030 strategy and the student experience vision together with our values to make tangible contributions and bring student voices to Una Europa.  

Please listen to a podcast Exchanging Ideas and Dreams - Podcast #8 on the Student Congress | Una Europa (


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