Una Europa draws on our collective strengths to create a truly European inter-university environment, a University of the Future.

As a member of Una Europa, the University of Helsinki is shaping the future of higher education and research in European higher education landscape. Together with our partners, we are working to re-imagine the University of the Future. The aim is to build a truly European inter-university environment – a common research and innovation ecosystem with joint educational initiatives and effective opportunities for mobility working across borders, cultures, languages, and disciplines to the benefit of resilient and sustainable societies. 


Una Europa continues to find new forms of international cooperation in education and research

"I hope Una Europa will be seen at the University of Helsinki as an option, an opportunity and a platform when taking our own educational and research development further. I hope to see all of our Faculties involved in Una Europa cooperation – in a way that supports their own aims and goals. I challenge you to find your counterparts in the Una Europa partner universities and discuss what you could do together. A small discipline can grow into a giant by joining forces within the alliance. Like the almighty toddlers, let’s be bold in trying new things and let’s not be afraid of having bumps in the road.

In Una Europa we have a platform of reliable, willing, and committed alliance of leading universities, so let’s make the most out of it."

- Hanna Snellman, Vice-Rector International, in Una Europa Helsinki Kickoff Event in February 2023. 

Una Europa Projects

Our alliance is built upon long-term collaboration and strong connections between various actions and actors. We are dedicated to establishing a framework for systematic collaboration that is seamlessly integrated into institutional structures and workflows.

Una Europa collaboration and activities are driven by projects that have a different focus area of development. These projects showcased here are central to Una Europa: 

Una.Futura (2022-2026): Building on the achievements of the alliance’s flagship projects, 1Europe and Una.Resin, Una Europa will pursue a holistic approach under Una.Futura to ensure the true integration of the alliance’s education, research and innovation dimensions. Una.Futura is an ambitious four-year project which will enable Una Europa to take the next steps towards its ambition of developing a truly integrated European University of the Future.

Una.Resin (2021-2023): As an initiative aimed at fostering a collaborative Una Europa RESearch and INnovation ecosystem, Una.Resin has emerged to support the Research and Innovation Dimension of the European Universities. Its primary objective is to facilitate the development of shared strategies concerning R&I, Sharing Research Infrastructure and Resources, and Strengthening Human Capital.

1Europe (2019-2022): The foundation of our partnership was laid with the 1Europe project over the three pilot years. Coordinated by KU Leuven, this project has been instrumental in providing us with the necessary framework and funding to develop truly innovative Joint Educational and Mobility Programmes.