Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity – promoting equity and social justice to end discrimination and foster inclusion – is the foundation of the Una Europa community.

University of Helsinki is chairing Una Europa Diversity Council. The Diversity Council consists of Una Europa partner universities’ respective units responsible for issues on equality and diversity. The goal of the Diversity Council is to promote equity and social justice, including all possible disadvantaged groups. This includes activities for every member of the academic community: students, academic staff and professionals.

University of Helsinki as a champion of the transversal theme Diversity and Inclusion within the Una Europa alliance, we are committed to fostering a culture and practices of diversity and inclusivity across all our partner institutions with different actions. Together with Diversity Council, we aim to drive meaningful progress in this important area and promote a more equitable and inclusive higher education landscape.

We are bringing together excellence in education and diversity

"Our primary mission is to see diversity mainstreamed within the Una Europa alliance. When we talk about diversity, it doesn't happen in a social vacuum – it’s always related to the context we’re in. We have to think about how our objectives, vision, mission and activities actually link to the existing social, historical, economic and political context in our universities and in our societies."

Anna-Leena Riitaoja, the Chair of the Diversity Council

We are achieving these goals through creating different resources and advising Una Europa’s different activities and reports. In the on-going project duration, our special interest is in students with migrant and refugee backgrounds. 

We firmly believe that diversity and inclusion are essential to achieving excellence in education and research, and we are excited to collaborate with our fellow Una Europa members to build a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

Please see the two reports provided by the Diversity Council: 

 “Engaging with Diversity in European Universities” (2022).

 “Diversity Data Collection” (2022).



Join the Multidisciplinary MA Students’ Network on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion 

Are you interested in the topics of diversity, equity, equality, and inclusion? Do you believe such topics should be more thoroughly investigated within the university community, not just in the world “out there”? Join the Multidisciplinary MA Students' Network on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion - please read more on the call here

Una Europa Staff Week: Fostering an Inclusive Academic Community

The Una Europa Staff Week was designed as a platform for participants to learn from their Una Europa colleagues, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. Almost 60 staff members from 11 Una Europa universities united in Bologna last week to acquire skills to address issues related to diversity and inclusion.


Anna-Leena Riitaoja,

Chair of the Diversity Council

University Lecturer, Department of Education


Karoliina Kuusela

Secretary for the Diversity Council


Ameera Masoud

Member of the Diversity Council

Doctoral Researcher, Department of Education