Clusters of Professionals

In the University of Helsinki, our professional staff works with their peers in Una Europa partner universities via thematic clusters. The clusters focus on key operational areas needed to support the innovative collaboration taking place in Una Europa and act as the backbone of long-term Una Europa collaboration to create a long-lasting support network beyond the lifetime of the project.

This collaborative work is crucial for the internationalization of professional services across the different institutions as international, interdisciplinary for a to think outside the box and enhance processes to meet the targets of Una Europa. These clusters supported the development of joint innovative formats (JIFs) for education and mobility, each focusing on their specific area of expertise. These clusters work collaboratively to enhance the processes and practices of Una Europa.

Role of clusters in Una Europa:  

  • Gathering and developing professional expertise 

  • Driving force for mobility and capacity building for professional staff​ 

  • Supporting vision and strategy development of Una Europa 

The clusters and UH representatives in them are listed below. 


UH representative: 

Esko Koponen 

UH Representatives 

Minna Koutaniemi (Chair)

Mari Lauri

UH Representative: 

Sasa Tkalcan (Chair)




UH Representative: 

Lauri Linna

UH Representative: 

Sirpa Kajan 

UH Representative: 

Katja Ritari (Chair)

Research Infrastructure Cluster: 

Marko Peura

Tiina Avomaa

Mari Siiroinen

Research Careers & Culture Cluster: 

Minna Arekhau

Public, Private & Third Sector Cooperation Cluster: 

Irina Blomqvist

Open Research Cluster: 

Tiina Käkelä  (Chair)

Citizen Engagement Cluster: 

Maaria Linko, Academic outreach network