Research and Innovation

Una.Resin - towards a common Una Europa research and innovation ecosystem.

Una.Resin  project aims to create a common research and innovation strategy for Una Europa. During the project (until 31st January 2024). We are creating and piloting practices to support researchers to find new collaborations for bold research ideas, to identify relevant data- and research infrastructures and get training on transversal themes like open research, citizen science and non-academic collaboration.

Una Europa, as a community deeply committed to long-term collaboration and endowed with a wealth of talented individuals, is uniquely positioned to foster collaboration among researchers from diverse cultural backgrounds who explore shared topics through distinct disciplinary lenses. The Una Europa Focus Areas represent interdisciplinary fields that unite researchers from partner institutions across a wide spectrum of disciplines.

The R&I support services and policies developed will prioritize promoting academic collaboration within these areas, empowering researchers to jointly pursue basic and applied research to tackle complex challenges. Una Europa is an alliance by and for every member of our partner universities. Along with supporting the Focus Areas, we are committed to become an inspiring and well-established collaboration framework for researchers of our partners broadly. 

University of Helsinki Leading the Work on Common R&I Strategy

University of Helsinki is leading the collaborative process of creating an Una Europa Research and Innovation strategy. During the process we have involved our research community widely to collect insights to identify strategic areas of action required to foster collaborative interdisciplinary research by 2030. As a part of the process, we have also outlined both internal and external resources required for implementation of the strategic goals and processes to best support our academics. The strategy will be launched in fall 2023.  

University of Helsinki is also taking part in developing different pilots to support researchers. As an example of such pilots, the project has conducted a match-making process for Horizon Europe Pillar II call producing three applications. In fall 2023 the project will also launch an on-line course on collaborative research. In addition, the project aims also to address continuous professional development of the Una Europa professional community and it’s importance for the R&I capacity building.   

Una.Resin Steering Group

Elina Tonteri

Project Manager, Una.Resin