The Rule of Law Centre brings together a broad selection of experts from various areas of Finnish society, including rule of law experts, teachers, researchers and students who are interested in contributing to the support provided to international partners to strengthen the rule of law.
What does the rule of law mean?

Typically a state abides by the rule of law when all individuals and institutions, including the state itself, are held responsible under the law. The concept of the rule of law can be summarised as follows:

  1. a legal system as well as a transparent and responsible legislative process
  2. legal certainty
  3. prohibition of arbitrariness
  4. independent and impartial courts of law which apply legal rules, also in matters of government
  5. respect for human rights
  6. non-discrimination and equality in legislation

The development of the rule of law refers to the development of the functional capacity of governmental and other public institutions, either as a broader entity or as an individual sector of the rule of law.

Duties of the Rule of Law Centre
  1. To promote the principle of the rule of law by providing advice, education, evaluation and other necessary support to help countries strengthen the rule of law, facilitate legislative work and develop the functional capacity of rule of law institutions.
  2. To bring together Finnish experts in the rule of law from various institutions and universities, and to support their networking efforts.
  3. To collect and update information regarding previous international activities in Finland focusing on the rule of law.
  4. To create necessary and relevant publications to support the rule of law, and to promote and reinforce research and teaching on the rule of law as well as boost general awareness of these issues both nationally and internationally.
  5. To participate in the preparation and updating of Finland’s policies regarding international cooperation around the rule of law by providing expert counsel.
  6. To manage communications about the work of the Rule of Law Centre.
  7. To organise and coordinate other activities as annually agreed by the steering group.