What is Pöllö Academy?

The owl symbolizes wisdom, but on the other hand, is also thought to be a chump, one who is asking foolish questions.

But the Owl of Minerva Building at the Faculty of Educational Sciences reminds us that there are no such questions. Pöllö Academy - the Academy of the Owl - is a pedagogical space for wonder, inquiry and exploratory and interactive learning for children and young adolescents at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki.

Thinking begins when we start asking about the world, especially with wonder! The Pöllö Academy explores humanistic, artistic, and socio-philosophical approaches and themes, not forgotten natural sciences. The Academy emphasizes the dialogical and communicative nature of learning. Therefore, the big questions in life, such as thinking and exploring together, and the possibility of thinking differently toward building a sustainable future at the center.

For these purposes, the Pöllö Academy organizes interactive lectures on the premises of the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki and invites groups of children from kindergartens and schools during the school year. The enthusiasts of the Academy are united by the desire to develop pedagogy and teacher education and to reflect on ever-open questions about growth, learning, and knowledge. The mission of the university community is to share research-based knowledge and to teach future generations to understand the nature and origin of knowledge. Within this framework, the activities of the Pöllö Academy align with the mission of the Faculty of Education to interact with school communities and the overall society.

The lectures and seminars of the Pöllö Academy are open and free of charge. All children and young people wondering about the big issues in life are welcome. During fall 2020, we will organize three events at Minerva Square (Siltavuorenpenger 5A). In these events, we have invited groups of children from kindergartens and schools in Helsinki to attend. If you are interested to offer interactive lectures to children or if you have a theme worth wondering about, let us know! Also, if you would like to bring your own children's group or class to the lectures. We will be happy to hear from you! Our contact information can be found here.