Networking meetings

Networking meetings 2021–2023

2021 - Host University of Helsinki - Online

Kick-starting NordPath – Networking Group.

Introductory online meet and greet – looking forward to an in-person meet and greet.

Networking universities get to share general structures and figures.

2021 - Host University of Copenhagen – Copenhagen

In-person meet and greet.

Presenting event strategies.

Discussing agreement strategies.

Changing curricula to make more mobilities.

2022 - Host University of Iceland – Reykjavik

Working with BIP (Blended intensive programs) – Implementing the new Erasmus+

Co-designing best-case scenarios for staff mobility.

Learning about International Education Cooperation and the Stockholm Trio Alliance

2022 - Host Stockholm University – Stockholm

Working with the environmental footprint in international offices is a challenge. The networking university participants co-design new ways to promote green mobility.

Learning about the role of Key Action 171 in the International Office.

We answer the question: How do we connect International Office with Faculties?

Workshop-based presentation on how to create and maintain alumni engagement.

2022 - Host University of Helsinki – Helsinki

New structure working with joint presentations across the networking university participants.

When forced to work together on joint presentations we get a deeper learning of differences and similarities across the networking university participants.

Focusing on outgoing and incoming mobility - the student journey - and how we can improve our processes.

2023 - Host University of Copenhagen – Copenhagen

Going from worldwide geopolitical tensions influencing international work and mobilities across all networking university participants to zooming in on specific crisis situations resulting in crucial consequences for agreements and students. Through joint presentations, we approach a deeper understanding of how the economic, social, and political situation worldwide can affect our daily work portfolios.