DARE - Digital Administration Redesigned for Everyone

In digital public administration, citizen no longer encounters a human administrator.

Instead, she encounters a computer interface such as a chatbot or a webpage. As these interfaces are a product of human design, they cannot be neutral. Instead, they often include bias, which may further lead to unequal or even discriminatory practices and structures. This is the problem that DARE aims to resolve: technological interfaces should comply with the law, but we often remain ignorant of that compliance. DARE examines the interconnections between law and technological design. It addresses the problem of law compliance of technology design both descriptively (what is the status quo?) and normatively (what should be done?). To achieve its goals, DARE builds on socio-legal studies, social sciences and computer science. Most importantly, DARE aims at stablishing legal interface design as an interdisciplinary research field.

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The Research Team

The DARE project forms part of the Legal Tech Lab. DARE team includes: 

Riikka Koulu, LL.D. Team Lead (PI). Riikka Koulu is an assistant professor of Law and Digitalisation at University of Helsinki, and the leader of Legal Tech Lab.

Ida Koivisto, LL.D.  Ida Koivisto is an assistant professor of Public Law at University of Helsinki.

Suvi Sankari, LL.D. Suvi Sankari is an adjunct professor of European Law at the University of Helsinki, and the research coordinator of Legal Tech Lab

Hanne Hirvonen, LL.M. Hanne Hirvonen is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Law at University of Helsinki.