Humans and animals share the essentials of life: the genome, disease-causing organisms , health, welfare and the environment. One Health is a globally emerging concept recognizing that the health of humans and animals is interconnected and that animals have a high value in society as they serve as workers, companions, and resources.

The goal is to advance ethical and sustainable development in One Health. 

University of Helsinki HOH Helsinki One Health research program combines work across five faculties: 

    Research themes

    HOH Helsinki One Health initiative creates and expands interdisciplinary research focusing on

    • food safety and control
    • translational medicine
    • animal health and welfare

    HOH Helsinki One Health research takes on challenges in these areas by studying ways of assessing and managing risks in food control systems; combating antimicrobial resistance; working to better understand the effects of breeding on animal welfare and behavior; expanding our knowledge of the link between genetic background and disposition to disease; helping to detect, control and reduce emerging infections; finding ways to better recognize and treat pain in animals; and studying the social and economic benefits of companion animals.

    Group leaders

    Research in the Helsinki One Health network is lead by group leaders (principal investigators). Group leaders are listed under research themes. 

    Publications and projects