Below you fill find descriptions of all the teams participating in the 3rd edition of SÄRÖ/FRACTURE!
1. DataREG

Members: Sanna Toropainen, Frida Alizadeh Westerling, Tahoora Heydari, Shervim Karimkashi, Beata Mäihäniemi, Didem Polad, Beatrice Schütte, Sofia Heikkonen

Data regulations are increasing rapidly within the EU, posing a challenge for businesses, especially small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These regulations come with the risk of hefty fines for non-compliance, which in turn means that SMEs are missing opportunities for growth through data sharing. The compliance tools market needs innovation to better handle these regulations, but many SMEs find such tools complex and costly. SMEs also often lack legal expertise or resources to hire such to navigate these regulations. The EU is creating specific data spaces to promote data sharing in various domains as part of its digitalisation and sustainability efforts. While it can't be refuted that digitalisation is crucial for sustainable growth and reducing emissions, most SMEs need guidance on using legal solutions to leverage data sustainably.

DataREG poses a solution to this problem: A sustainable compliance tool designed for data spaces. It's a user-friendly software application that businesses can seamlessly integrate to manage data sharing and reception. This tool monitors data flows and identifies points where legal discrepancies arise. It offers a customisable operational governance model that considers EU data regulations and business data space needs, all automated using artificial intelligence.

2. Co-Stars

Members: Viorica Milea, Tijana Stolic

Co-Stars is a coalescence of two minds, a journey from Romania to Finland and back. From personal development opportunities to innovative networks, this journey has been a tapestry woven with inspiration and insights. Valuable links and contacts have been carefully cultivated, all poised to serve as a reference for what's to come.

The vision has always been clear: to introduce concepts and methodologies that can benefit communities and businesses in Romania. Co-Stars has been a repository of transformative ideas, methods, and a constant question: "How can these insights be shared and applied back home?"

3. Alexa

Members: Alexandra Ahlblad

Societies all around the world often restricts discussions about sexuality to private settings, leading to a lack of understanding, shame, and negative perceptions. This taboo affects individuals' well-being, relationships, and overall happiness.

Alexa is committed to shaking up the status quo and poised to transform societal perceptions of sexuality and empower individuals to lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Alexa's goals are to fill a crucial gap in society's understanding of the profound impact of sexuality on mental health and happiness. Alexa aims to make a positive impact on society and championing a world where sexuality is celebrated for the beautiful, natural aspect of human existence that it is.


Members: Mari Lakeus

In today's fast-changing world marked by heightened uncertainty, the demand for leadership and communication that can bring a sense of calm and stability to the workplace is more crucial than ever. Moreover, people from different generations and diverse professional backgrounds have their own distinct expectations. They all share a common desire for workplace experiences characterised by flexibility, empathy, and individualism. They seek roles that resonate with their values, provide a sense of purpose, and offer fulfilment. This leads us to the fundamental question: What skills should leaders possess to effectively address these evolving expectations across generations and diverse professional backgrounds? Similarly, what skills are essential for team members to nurture empathetic communication in this dynamic environment?

TAJU aims to alleviate this problem by hosting customised workshops for leaders as well as for teams. TAJU's primary goal is to teach crucial skills such as empathetic presence, active listening, boundary setting, and advocating for personal needs. At the same time, exploring how people from different backgrounds communicate, helping to connect generations and different work cultures. The workshops also aim to instigate a cultural shift within the organisation by taking into account the individual' s communication tendencies and the broader organisational and cultural context they operate in.

5. Cicero

Members: Julian Honkasalo

Many individuals lack the skills to engage in productive, respectful, and evidence-based discussions, both online and offline. Hate speech and fake news have become regrettably prevalent, negatively impacting workplace environments and societal discourse.

Cicero aims to bridge the gap between academic insights in political theory and philosophy of argumentation and a wider audience beyond the confines of academia by seeking to popularise profound insights in political theory and argumentation to foster critical thinking and democratic discourse among diverse audiences. Additionally, Cicero is dedicated to establishing argumentation skill clinics and interactive tools designed to recognise and resist hate speech and fake news online. Cicero's penultimate goal is to enhance well-being in workplace environments by equipping individuals with the tools to engage in constructive, respectful, and informed discussions.

6. Sisu Ukraine

Members: Anna K.

People living in crises often have limited access to health services and especially mental health services. The lack of means to strengthen mental resilience and the inability to recover from war-time trauma has historically resulted in generational trauma, which can take centuries to fully heal. Insurmountable adversity without the tools to effectively manage then worsens the already bad situations with adverse effects on mental health and overall quality of life. Although science offers valuable insights, these findings often remain untapped in everyday life. Currently, especially the people of Ukraine are at risk of developing lifelong, or even generational trauma.

Sisu Ukraine is committed to helping in crises by empowering individuals, beginning with the Ukrainian community, with scientifically grounded tools to enhance their mental resilience and overall well-being.

7. EmoPotato

Members: Ia Kawasaki, Cin Liu

Mental health has been a hot topic globally as of late. Especially after the start of the pandemic, which resulted in the spread of mental health crises and increased awareness mental health issues. Taking care of one’s psychological well-being is as important as physical wellness, which isn't a certainty in all parts of the world. Some cultures limit emotional expressions which can lead to a lack of mental health awareness and widespread mental health stigma.

In order to combat cultural stigmas around expressing emotions, iani aims to develop a culturally relevant platform or toolkit that can be used at home, schools, and many other occasions that focus on learning various emotions and a wide range of ways to express them.

8. DiscoverSelf

Members: Joel Holappa, Sini Saarinen

Since the dawn of time, there have been a countless number of people who didn't live their lives to the fullest. Nowadays, with alienation and loneliness becoming more and more of an issue as the years go by, the amount of people who are dissatisfied with their lives, don't live meaningful lives for themselves, or cannot adapt to the demands of society or fit into its moulds is larger than ever. In DiscoverSelf's view, societies lack the necessary resources to provide individualised support and help to everyone. DiscoverSelf believes that societal resources are often insufficient for identifying and resolving the root causes of people's problems, usually only managing their symptoms. Individuals forced into society's moulds may not necessarily know or accept themselves or understand what they truly want in life. Additionally, fears and distorted self-beliefs often restrict people from living fulfilling lives.

DiscoverSelf poses a compelling solution: a comprehensive platform that helps individuals increase self-awareness, personal growth, and find meaning. Our platform offers a structured yet flexible approach that includes the following key components: Self-assessment, personal goal setting, cognitive-behavioural therapy, community support, matchmaking and group activities.

9. AldeaFlow

Members: Niina Halonen, Olli Sarvi, Kirsti Lonka, Eric Boeschoten

AldeaFlow is an AI-directed speech recognition app. AldeaFlow is able to make transcripts and word clouds of recorded team meetings, conversations and audio recordings. The concepts behind AldeaFlow is has its roots in collaborative learning. The word cloud or brainstorm forms while the meeting is taking place and afterwards, the different ideas can be appraised and evaluated and new ones can be added. The application is also capable of noticing different inflections in speech and assigning emotions to them, so in practice it can evaluate a person's mood from their way of speaking. The app is currently operational in English, Finnish and Dutch.


Members: Fadumo Dayib

There is a ticking time bomb in the Finnish healthcare sector. Finland is facing a critical shortage of nurses, and this issue is projected to escalate with a need for over 200,000 new nurses by 2030. The issues for healthcare workers, especially nurses are already pretty severe: low pay, poor working conditions, under resourcing, mental strain, limited career opportunities and even forced labor just to name a few. The upcoming shortage is going to escalate these adversities with far-reaching consequences, including even poorer working conditions and more work for nurses, the lengthening of already long wait times (especially in mental health issues) for patients and overall, an immense strain on the healthcare system.

To address this challenge, a comprehensive approach is necessary, focusing on attracting, training, integrating, retaining, and fairly compensating both local and foreign nurses for employment in public and private healthcare institutions. KAMUH is posing a unique solution to tackle the nursing shortage in Finland. KAMUH collaborates with nurses, municipalities, regional healthcare authorities, hospitals and care homes to provide a multi-faceted approach to the issue. Setting itself apart from other approaches, the nurses of KAMUH would be co-owners, giving them a stake in the success of the organisation.