Ground for Grouth is currently participating in the following projects:

Legumes Translated

Ground for Growth participates in an EU-funded Horizon2020 project, Legumes Translated, that provides a platform for networks to exchange knowledge and expertise on issues related to the production and use of legumes in Europe.

Ground for Ground interacts with other legume-based networks through an international Transition Network focused on increasing the production and consumption of legumes as food. It is composed of six actor groups involved in food-based value-chains:

·       Ground for Growth

·       German Pea and Bean Network

·       German Soybean Association

·       Swiss Lupin Network

·       Swiss Soy Network

·       Europe Soya Value Chain Development Group

Duration: 11/2018-10/2021

Better with beans

Bättre med Bönor (Better with Beans) is a campaign that focuses on spreading knowledge about legumes and how we can reduce the environmental and climate impact of food production, as well as promote human health, by growing more legumes and eating more pulses. We have put together a website for the campaign with easily accessible information about the benefits of growing legumes, along with delicious recipes. The idea is to inform and inspire website visitors to try new recipes and eat more pulses.