This page lists the finds recording schemes that are currently part of the European Public Finds Recording Network. It also provides an overview of relevant publications produced by the Network collective and its participants.
National and regional finds recording schemes
Denmark: Digitale Metaldetektorfund (DIME)
England and Wales: The Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS)
Finland: FindSampo / Löytösampo / Fyndsampo
Flanders (Belgium): MEDEA
Netherlands: Portable Antiquities of the Netherlands (PAN)
Network publications

Topical Issue on Aspects of Non-professional Metal Detecting in Europe, Open Archaeology, 2016. (scroll down for papers)

A collection of papers authored and edited by Network participants, with contributions by others, providing a good overview of approaches and attitudes to avocational metal-detecting across Europe, liberal as well as restrictive. The papers are the outcome of sessions at the European Association of Archaeology conferences in Istanbul, 2014, and Glasgow, 2015. 

The Complexities of Metal Detecting Policy and Practice: A Response to Samuel Hardy, 'Quantitative Analysis of Open-Source Data on Metal Detecting for Cultural Property' (Cogent Social Sciences 3, 2017), Open Archaeology, 2018.

A collective response to a paper challenging our philosophy that a collaborative approach to non-professional detecting can, on balance, be beneficial to heritage management and scientific knowledge. While we laud the data-based, quantitative approach, we highlight factual and methodological problems and contend that the study is grounded in biased and overly simplified assumptions.

Towards a Cooperative Approach to Hobby Metal Detecting: The European Public Finds Recording Network (EPFRN) Vision Statement, European Journal of Archaeology 23, 2020.

In this paper, we present the Vision and Aims of the European Public Finds Recording Network. We explain why we believe that fostering collaborations between responsible detector users and archaeologists is a more fruitful approach than restricting such public participation. The benefits, we argue, are situated on multiple levels, from science over heritage management to society at large, and archaeology's role therein. [download the manuscript here]

Other publications by Network participants


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Selected publications before 2016

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