European Public Finds Recording Network online!

We are glad to give the European Public Finds Recording Network an online home.

The European Public Finds Recording Network finally has its own website! This represents an important step up for us, providing more visibility for our network and its agenda. The website aims to be a resource for archaeologists, but also for detectorists, supporting legal and responsible practice. In particular, we wish to highlight the increasingly international character of non-professional detecting, which creates challenges and possibilities for field practice, heritage management and research. 

The EPFRN is not a new organisation. The participating researchers have been in close contact for many years now, discussing and supporting the various finds recording schemes that make up the Network. As the 'North Sea Finds Recording Group, we published a first version of our Aims and Visions in 2016. With the addition of Finland's SuAlt project, we changed our name to better reflect not just the expanding geographic scope, but also the broad perspective on public participation in archaeology we hope to promote.

If you are a heritage professional and want to learn more, or even get involved, feel free to get in touch. If you are a detectorist, we refer you to our dedicated page where you can find all necessary information. You can also keep up to date about our activities and other news through our Facebook Page.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of University of Helsinki in hosting our website.