Research Groups

Our research activities are arranged under research groups with three foci: demography, social computing, and a good digital society. You can find details on them, their members, and their activities below.
Helsinki Social Computing Group


  • Matti Nelimarkka
  • Anton Berg
  • Felix Epp
  • Jesse Haapoja
  • Robin Forsberg
  • Sofia Heikkonen


  • Irina Hasala
  • Onni Aarne
  • Sippo Rossi
  • Victoria Palacin

​​​​​​Helsinki Social Computing Group is an interdisciplinary research group focused on computers and social science spanning across political science, human-computer interaction, design, and data science. It is lead Matti Nelimarkka and hosted at the Centre for Social Data Science, Faculty of Social Science.

Demographic Research at CSDS
  • Mikko Myrskylä
  • Riku Laine
  • Sanni Saarinen
  • Maria Ponkilainen
  • Sanna Kailaheimo-Lönnqvist
  • Donata Stonkute
  • Julia Hellstrand
  • Miika Mäki
  • Ricarda Duerst
  • Kelsey Wright
  • Ziwei Rao
  • Citlali Trigos-Raczkowski

Demographers at CSDS study population dynamics, fertility and mortality forecasting, family formation and dissolution, and inequalities in demographic processes. The team works with and within the Population Research Unit and collaborates extensively with the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research.