Undergraduate and postgraduate studies

The Centre for Educational Assessment CEA serves as a research community of the University of Helsinki Faculty of Educational Sciences. Our staff actively participate in the instruction provided on bachelor’s, master’s and postgraduate courses at the Faculty. We organise numerous research methodology courses, and our strengths include research planning, materials acquisition and processing, analysis and the merging of various datasets. We also supervise theses and dissertations and enable the utilisation of our extensive datasets in such works as well.



10.03.2020 - 29.04.2020, Educational leadership (5 ECTS)

In this course the students will gain an understanding of the wider organizational structure within which the educational institutions, and especially compulsory education, are placed. After completing this course students have readiness to identify policies, practices, process, emotions, and governance within the theme of educational leadership. They have knowledge about some known research-based approaches to educational leadership and a basic understanding about educational leadership in Finnish compulsory education and early childhood education contexts.

Basic/subject -level knowledge in educational sciences gives good basis for this course but is not required. More information and course registration.

Responsible person: Researcher, PhD (Ed.) Raisa Ahtiainen raisa.ahtiainen@helsinki.fi