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Zaidan, M.A., Motlagh, N.H., Fung, P.L., Khalaf, A.S., Matsumi, Y., Ding, A., Tarkoma, S., Petäjä, T., Kulmala, M. and Hussein, T., 2022. Intelligent air pollution sensors calibration for extreme events and drifts monitoring. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics19(2), pp.1366-1379. Read the paper.

Motlagh, N.H., Lovén, L., Cao, J., Liu, X., Nurmi, P., Dustdar, S., Tarkoma, S. and Su, X., 2022. Edge Computing: The Computing Infrastructure for the Smart Megacities of the Future. Computer55(12), pp.54-64. Read the paper.

Zaidan, M.A., Xie, Y., Motlagh, N.H., Wang, B., Nie, W., Nurmi, P., Tarkoma, S., Petäjä, T., Ding, A. and Kulmala, M., 2022. Dense Air Quality Sensor Networks: Validation, Analysis, and Benefits. IEEE Sensors Journal22(23), pp.23507-23520. Read the paper.

Premsankar, G. and Ghaddar, B., 2022. Energy-efficient service placement for latency-sensitive applications in edge computing. IEEE internet of things journal9(18), pp.17926-17937. Read the paper.

Scargill, T., Premsankar, G., Chen, J. and Gorlatova, M., 2022, May. Here to stay: A quantitative comparison of virtual object stability in markerless mobile AR. In 2022 2nd International Workshop on Cyber-Physical-Human System Design and Implementation (CPHS) (pp. 24-29). IEEE. Read the paper.

Zhang, Y., Scargill, T., Vaishnav, A., Premsankar, G., Di Francesco, M. and Gorlatova, M., 2022. InDepth: Real-time depth inpainting for mobile augmented reality. Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies6(1), pp.1-25. Read the paper.

Cao, J., Mehmood, H., Liu, X., Tarkoma, S., Gilman, E., and Su, X., 2022. Fighting Pandemics with Augmented Reality and Smart Sensing-based Social Distancing. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 43 (1), pp.65-75. Read the paper.


With multimedia content projected to form the majority of internet traffic, scalability is a major issue. In parallel, a lot of processing is shifting to the edge of the network, but where should we locate the compute hardware in this case? In this talk, Antero Vainio describes a distributed network architecture which can help solve these challenges. Third talk rom the collaborative machine learning session at Computing Systems Week Tampere.