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Our 6G Research team!

His research interests include distributed systems, data analytics, mobile and ubiquitous computing, and Artificial Intelligence.

His current research interests are in 6G/7G Wireless Systems, TeraHertz Communication, Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces, Nanonetworks, Internet of Space Things/CUBESATs, Internet of BioNanoThings, Molecular Communication and Underwater Communication. According to Google Scholar as of August 2021, his h-index is 130 and the total number of citations to his papers is 130+K.

His research interests include the Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks, Environmental Sensing, Smart Buildings, and Unmanned Aerial and Underwater Vehicles.

His interests include distributed system and mobile systems, and his research works are long three inter-related threads: a) programatically controlling networks, b) improving the performance of network functions, and c) designing operating systems abstractions based on the hardware and software trends and experience gained when working on the other two works. 

His research interests include artificial intelligence and machine learning for systems identification, intelligent control systems, health monitoring technologies, intelligent sensing systems, applied physics, atmospheric and environmental sciences.

His research interests lie at the intersection of IoT, Edge Computing and Distributed Artificial Intelligence, with focus on service management and orchestration. Recently, he also started investigating Digital Twin systems in the context of 5G Advanced networks.

His research interests include wireless sensor network, air quality monitoring and participatory sensing.

Her research interest includes Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Service Placement and Orchestration, Augmented Reality, Environmental Science, Digital Twin, Mathematical Modelling, and Epidemics.

Her research interests include edge computing, wireless communications, augmented reality, and energy-efficient networked systems. She works on complex network management problems, with an overall goal of making networked systems (comprising wireless communication networks and edge / cloud computing) self-managing, sustainable and energy-efficient.

Her research interests include the Distributed Machine Learning, Information Privacy, Data Analysis and Calibration on Air Quality Index.