The Institute of Seismology offers good opportunities for theses on different levels. On this page you will find potential thesis topics, as well as ongoing and recent theses related to the Institute of Seismology.

Below are some examples of potential thesis topics related to seismology or supervised by personnel from the Institute of seismology.

  1. Hydrothermally altered mineralized systems: Seismic reflection properties of rocks (Kukkonen, Koivisto)
  2. Processing and analysis of seismic reflection data in exploration and mining camps (Koivisto, Kukkonen)
  3. Induced seismicity in enhanced geothermal systems (Kukkonen, Korja)
  4. Data processing and interpretation of seismic data from Siilinjärvi phosphate mine for mine planning (Koivisto)
  5. Applicability of Open quake software to Finnish conditions (Mäntyniemi, Seismology)
  6. Automatic assessment of seismic intensity for felt earthquakes in Finland (Mäntyniemi, Seismology)
  7. Harmonization of internet macroseismology in Fennoscandia (Mäntyniemi, Nordic colleagues)
  8. Several projects associated with the analysis of seismic data collected by 100+ stations around the 2018 geothermal reservoir stimulation in Otaniemi/Espoo (Hillers, Seismology)
  9. Several projects associated with crustal and fault zone monitoring and imaging using ambient noise correlations (Hillers, Seismology)
  10. Refocusing and time reversal (Hillers, Seismology)
  11. Automatic identification of seismic signals from frost events using deep learning (Tiira, Seismology)
  12. Detection and identification of glacier based seismic signals in Antarctica using unsupervised machine learning (Tiira, Seismology)
  13. Automatic detection of seismic events in urban areas, comparison of methods (Tiira, Seismology)
  14. Seismic signal onset estimation by combining different methods and machine learning (Tiira, Seismology)
  15. Study of dissimilarities of microearthquakes in concise earthquake populations with self-organizing maps (Tiira, Seismology)
  16. Influence of seismic station locations on data acquired and threshold event size, Kouvola, Finland (Vuorinen, Oinonen, Seismology)
  17. Ablative subduction in the Andes: An alternative mechanism for removal of mantle lithosphere? (Whipp)
  18. Quantifying rates of bedrock landsliding in mountainous regions and their implications for landscape erosion (Whipp)
  19. Effects of orographic precipitation on mountain evolution in 3D (Whipp)
  20. Where does landslide-derived sediment go and how long does it take? (Whipp)
  21. Mapping erosion in steep mountain landscapes using detrital thermochronology (Whipp, international colleagues)
  22. Paleoproterozoic plateaus: Implications for lithospheric evolution and crustal metamorphism (Whipp)
  23. Ground-motion characteristics of induced seismicity compared to natural earthquakes (Vuorinen)
  24. Radiogenic heat production model of the lithosphere based on geochemistry and seismic data (Kukkonen, Veikkolainen)
  25. Geoneutrinos and radiogenic heat production of the Earth (Kukkonen, Veikkolainen)
  26. Tectonothermal environment of the Wiborg rapakivi batholith (Veikkolainen)
  27. Geophysical properties of the Pyhäsalmi area (Veikkolainen)
  28. Low temperature thermochronology Fission track & He-U-Th-methods (Whipp, Kukkonen)
  29. Modeling of thermochronological data (Whipp, Kukkonen)

Below are some examples of the recent thesis titles related to the Institute of Seismology.

Ongoing theses related to the Institute of Seismology include:

  • Vuorinen, Tommi: Analysis of induced seismicity of Otaniemi Enhanced Geothermal System. Doctoral thesis.
  • Junno, Niina: Seismic properties of ores and structures controlling ore deposits: new insights from data mining and seismic forward modeling. Doctoral thesis.
  • Tsarsitalidou, Christina: Focal spot imaging applied to data from dense seismic arrays. Doctoral thesis.
  • Rintamäki, Annukka: Geological and geophysical constraints on induced seismicity related to enhanced geothermal systems. Doctoral thesis.
  • Luhta, Tuija: Vyborg Rapakivi batholith seismicity. Doctoral thesis.
  • Atobra, Kwabena: Physics-based machine learning for characterizing Induced seismicity in Enhanced Geothermal Systems. Doctoral thesis.
  • Hällsten, Jennifer: Methodological consideration of macroseismic data in Finland: revisiting the Lappajärvi earthquake (ML 3.8) February 17, 1979. Master’s thesis.
  • Hanski, Ida-Maria: Finnish National Seismic Network: location errors, detection thresholds and network vulnerability. Master's thesis.
  • Oksanen, Tahvo: Making seismic instruments communicate: Towards compatible datasets from data gathered using different seismic instruments. Master's thesis.