Seismic bulletins
One of the tasks of the Institute of Seismology is to publish seismic bulletins on seismic events in Finland and the analysis of these events. The Institute of Seismology publishes three types of seismic bulletins:
  • Fully automatic, near real-time bulletins of seismic events in Finland and adjacent areas. The bulletins are based on real-time data from the Institute of Seismology and the co-operative seismological agencies.

  • Analyst-reviewed bulletins. Automatic bulletins are first reviewed by an analyst and published as preliminary daily bulletins. The preliminary bulletins are later supplemented with data from co-operative seismological agencies (in Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and north-western Russia) to compile the final monthly bulletins of seismic events in northern Europe.

  • Earthquake catalogs, maps and annual bulletins of earthquakes in northern Europe