Data protection statement of grant system

Read about data protection statement of Aspicore grant system of the University of Helsinki.

1. Controller of the data file

Name: University of Helsinki
Business Identity Code: 0313471–7
Postal address: PO Box (Fabianinkatu 33), 00014 University of Helsinki, 02941911 

2. Name of the data file

Aspicore grant system of the University of Helsinki

3. Contact details of the controller of the data file


4. Purpose of and legal grounds for processing personal data

The personal data collected are used for the processing of grant applications and awarded grants and for communication, as well as for enabling and developing the monitoring activities related to digital services. Data provided in grant applications and information related to the payment of awarded grants are stored in the data file. The system collects contact information of grant applicants. These data are collected from grant applicants. Applicants may also name referees and provide data pertaining to them. These will be stored in the data file. Also collected are payment information on grants, information about the applicants’ activities in the grant portal and technical data related to the use thereof, such as log data. Moreover, communications between data subjects and the controller within the system are collected. Applicants’ data are stored and processed based on the applicants’ consent and the controller’s legitimate interest. The registering of other registered individuals also is based on the consent of said individuals. For the application to be accepted for processing, the applicant must provide the personal data requested on the application form and appendices. If sufficient personal data are not provided, the application may be left unprocessed.

5. Categories of recipients of personal data

Personal data are processed by the members of the funds’ administrative committees and separately assigned assessors of applications; individuals providing technical support; named users; and auditors in charge of the grant process, accounting and payment. Data are displayed only to the extent necessary for the fulfilment of the duties of the recipient category.

6. Data file protection

Access to the data file requires a personal username. The administrator determines the level of access granted to users. Logging in to the system requires a personal password and (the system is accessed via) a secure SSL connection. Use of the data file and logins are monitored. Data are collected in the service databases, which are protected by various technical means. The cloud service servers are located in locked and guarded facilities and only certain predetermined persons can access the data.

7. Duration of storage of personal data

Usernames and related personal data
● Usernames are stored if the user has applications that have not been marked as completed.
● If a username has not been used for more than three years at the time of review, and the applicant has no active applications, the username will be removed from the system.

Applications and related messages and appendices are removed when they are no longer needed. The account numbers and personal identification numbers associated with payments are removed when they are no longer needed. The University of Helsinki retains the key information on successful applications (recipient, purpose, amount granted, classification) on a long-term basis.

8. The data subject’s right to access their personal data

As a grant applicant or recipient, you can log into the system and see all the data you have provided in the data file by opening a preview of the application form. Up-to-date contact information can be viewed and edited at Settings > Personal information. You have the right and obligation to rectify incorrect data. If you have requests or questions related to the matter, you can address them to a representative with a message in the system. However, you do not have the right to inspect stored application assessment data or data collected for statistical purposes. You may transfer your application form from the system to yourself in PDF format. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority if you consider that the personal data have been processed incorrectly.

More information is available on the University of Helsinki website at:

9. Disclosure of data

Data related to grants awarded to natural persons are disclosed to the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Mela), if the duration and amount of a grant exceeds Mela-defined limits. Details on grants paid to natural persons are disclosed to the Finnish Tax Administration. The recipients and amounts of grants awarded are published on the University’s website and in the funds’ yearbook. The University may disclose necessary personal data related to grants applied for and awarded to other parties awarding grants.