University of Helsinki Alumni register terms and conditions

The University of Helsinki’s Alumni Register is maintained by the University of Helsinki’s Community Relations unit, which is in charge of the University’s alumni and donor relations. All former and present University students and employees can register as alumni. However, a study right at the Open University or HY+ alone is not sufficient for registering as an alumnus or alumna.

Upon registering with the University of Helsinki Alumni Register, you grant the system administrator the right to handle the personal information you enter in the system.

The University of Helsinki reserves the right to:

  • Send news, event invitations, offers related to alumni activities and other messages from the University of Helsinki to registered alumni.
  • Handle the information that users provide to the Alumni Register.
  • Maintain information about its correspondence with registered alumni and about participants in alumni events.

The University of Helsinki has the right to use for statistical purposes the information you provide. The statistics compiled are anonymous and cannot be traced back to individuals.

You have the right to view or delete at any time the personal information you provide to the Alumni Register. You may at any time forbid the use of your contact information by sending an email to the register administrators

The University of Helsinki does not have the right to sell or otherwise submit user information to external parties.

See the data protection statement of the Community Relations Unit.

How we operate at the Helsinki Alumni Hub 

The University of Helsinki updated its values for the strategy period 2021–2030, in addition to which the University has ethical guidelines pertaining to operations. We adhere to these values at the Helsinki Alumni Hub: truth, Bildung, freedom and inclusivity are realised in the discussion and activities of the Hub. Below is a description of the etiquette for communicating in an appreciative and respectful manner that promotes discussion. 

Be active  

Don’t hesitate to initiate discussion. Invite and encourage others to join in. Say thanks, raise your thumb, offer tips and share content. 

Give constructive criticism 

The University of Helsinki encourages constructive criticism. Express your opinions and take a stance. Boldly make your voice heard and give space to others in discussion.  

Be respectful  

Respect other people’s work, views and inventions. When clearly citing someone else's text, images or material, mention the source. Let’s use the appropriate style of referencing learnt during our studies. 


Respect the privacy of others. Do not publish other people’s personal or sensitive information, such as names, addresses or phone numbers, without consent. Ask for permission before publishing other people’s photos. 

Let's behave 

Always strive for respectful dialogue and never exclude anyone from discussion without a well-grounded reason. However, we do not condone defamatory, insulting or discriminatory content. If you come across such content, immediately contact the administrators.  

Highlight your skills 

You can share information about your events, training sessions, books authored by you and material published by you. Instead of advertising, we share thoughts and skills within the community. 

Make new contacts 

Ask University of Helsinki graduates and former University employees to join the alumni community. All University alumni are welcome at the Hub, regardless of their discipline. This serves to continuously enrich discussion and activities. You have the best fellow students and colleagues, so invite them to participate. 

Legislation and guidelines at the Helsinki Alumni Hub 

In all of our operations, we comply with the law and regulations as well as University guidelines. Each member of the alumni community is responsible for complying with the relevant regulations. 

In the case of misconduct or inappropriate behaviour in the community, the Hub administrators have the right to block users from the Helsinki Alumni Hub platform.