Bioptonics OPT 3001M 

(Room 504b)

The Bioptonics OPT 3001M Scanner is an optical projection tomography platform that produces high-resolution (15-30 microns) 3-Dimensional image reconstructions of both fluorescently stained and non-fluorescent specimens ranging in size from 1mm to 15mm.

Applications include visualization of anatomy (phenotyping), gene expression (in situ hybridization), protein distribution (immunohistochemistry or GFP expression), transgenic visualization (LacZ). Typical specimens include mouse and chicken embryos, mouse/rat tissue and organs, zebrafish (5 days and older), drosophila, plants etc.

Illumination System:

  • White (transmission) - 8 X white LEDs
  • InfraRed (transmission) - 8 X IR LEDs
  • Fluorescence - Metal-halide 120W UV Source with liquid light guide

Fluorescence filters:

  • GFP (autofluorescence):
    • ex 425/40
    • em LP475
  • GFP+ (FITC, Alexa488):
    • ex 480/20
    • em LP515
  • TXR (Texas Red, Cy3, Alexa594):
    • ex 560/40
    • em LP610


  • Field of View: 4X4mm ....20X20mm