NGS Sequencing

Our Next Generation Sequencing service portfolio covers the full sequencing process from study design to primary sequence analysis. We have developed NGS workflows for a large variety of experiments for both DNA and RNA samples.

We use HiLife iLab online system for project management and billing. Please find iLab registering and ordering instructions below.

iLab is web-based software tool designed to streamline service requests and equipment reservations in core facilities.

NGS Genomics Services

Our sequencing portfolio includes:

  • whole genome (WGS)
  • whole exome (WES)
  • targeted custom panels
  • cfDNA
  • enzymatic methylation

We also customize methods to fit the needs of the customer.

Our services include study design, library preparation, target enrichment with Twist Biosciences, sequencing on Illumina platform and primary data analysis. We use Illumina DRAGEN for data analysis. Long read sequencing on Oxford Nanopore Technologies MinION and PromethION 2 Solo are also available as custom assays.

To access the data customer needs a CSC account.

You can browse our service catalogue and submit service request from the HiLife iLab online system. 

NGS Transcriptomics Services

FIMM NGS Transcriptomics provides a wide range of RNA sequencing services including library preparation, NGS sequencing and bioinformatic analyses. We focus primarily on human medical genetics.

Our portfolio includes multiple Illumina short-read-based applications from whole transcriptome to small RNA sequencing. We also offer long read RNA sequencing and customized methods to fit the needs of our customers’ projects.

Available library preparation methods

  • Illumina Stranded Total RNA with Ribo-Zero Plus
  • Illumina Stranded mRNA prep
  • Lexogen Small RNA-Seq library prep
  • Lexogen QuantSeq 3'-mRNA Seq Library Prep Kit FWD for Illumina
  • SMART-Seq v4 Ultra Low Input RNA Kit for Sequencing

Our services include study design, sample QC, library preparation, sequencing on Illumina platform, sample specific data analysis with our in-house pipelines and data transfer to CSC. Secondary data analysis such as differential gene expression analysis is available on request.

NGS Bioinformatics

Our NGS sequencing services include integrated bioinformatic support. We provide assistance in the experimental design of next generation sequencing (NGS) experiments, support for the analysis of model organism related NGS data, and have mature best-practice and computational solutions for a variety of model organism related NGS applications. Please note that sequencing analyses acquired from the FIMM sequencing unit include our basic services.

Our sequencing service includes supporting primary data analysis pipeline, for example:

  • RNA-seq data analysis (basic)
  • miRNA-seq data analysis (basic)
  • Detection of germline variants (basic / advanced)
  • Somatic variant discovery
  • Copy-number alternation analysis
  • Variant filtering and annotation
  • Association testing between rare variants and phenotypes
  • Differential gene and allele-specific expression analysis