FIMM Technology Centre IT Services unit provides the informatics infrastructure for solving questions in bioinformatics, biobanking, molecular medicine, genetics and related fields.

FIMM's computing infrastructure has been designed for scalability and flexibility utilizing the latest information technologies, to enable us to meet the rapidly increasing storage and performance requirements of data driven research. Computational services and resources currently available at FIMM include disk space, analysis cluster, local mirrors of public databases, database servers, webserver hosting and more.

Contact: Head of IT

Services: Scientific programming and Infrastructure

Sample logistics and data collection

  • In house developed tools for data harmonization, pseudonymization, anonymization and consent and sensitive data management

Data production and management

  • In house developed data management tools and databases (GLIMS, DHR/ GeneRISK data-ui)

Analysis pipelines and high performance computation

  • Development and maintenance of local and cloud computation tools and environments

Data movement and integration

  • Development of interfaces and integrations to in house developed databases and external systems
  • Core laboratory data delivery platform (with ELIXIR / CSC)

Infrastructure and resources


  • Head of IT: Timo Miettinen
  • 2 development specialists: Robert Mills and Teemu Perheentupa
  • systems administrator: Olle Hansson


  • Local : 4.7 PB
  • Cloud : 0.5PB

Hybrid Cloud Computing Infrastructure (2500 cores)

  • Cloud : 1900 cores (CSC/ELIXIR
  • Local cluster : 600 cores
  • Application and database hosting Xen : 384 cores
  • Commercial Cloud : Google Cloud , Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure


  • Internal network
  • 10G optical network to CSC