Custom laboratory automation assays - Pharmacy

On request we can design custom automated and semi-automated workflows or miniaturize your assay e.g. to 96- or 384-well plate format.
Please initiate Project request in iLab system to discuss with our core facility staff about your custom assay and ask for a quote.

  • For example with Biomek i7 we can create fully automated workflows including pipetting, shaking and incubation steps. Mantis liquid handler can dispense experimental solutions to 96- or 384- well plates without the need of pipet tips. If necessary, all the steps can be performed under sterile conditions.

  • Cytation 5 imaging reader is linked with CO2 incubator and robotic system to transfer plates to the reader for imaging or fluorescence measurements

Biomek i7 automated workstation
  • Compatible with well plates, reservoirs, tubes

  • Pipetting volumes from 1 µL

  • Shaker with temperature control

  • Tip washing station

  • HEPA filter for aseptic workflows

Mantis liquid handler
  • Suitable for 6-1536 well plates

  • Does not require tips

  • Dispensing volumes from 100 nL

  • Placed inside the BSLII hood for aseptic workflows

Cytation 5 multimode reader
  • Imaging (bright field, phase contrast, fluorescence)

  • Absorbance, fluorescence and luminescense measurements

  • Temperature and CO2 control for live cell imaging

  • Linked to CO2 incubator

  • Linked to washing station