Food characterisation

Accurate and efficient analytical tools are crucial for ensuring food security and providing nutritious food for all, through promoting use of currently underutilized resources and side-streams for food and feed. Service using high-standard tools, analytical methods, and expertise for determining the chemical composition and physical properties of food and food ingredients.

Services are available by FOODNUTRI partners at different locations by University of Helsinki (UH), University of Turku (UTU), VTT, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), and Finnish Food Authority (FFA). Contract work by service only is available for food business operators and other interested parties. Independent use of equipment pending know-how is available at UH and UTU.

  • Chemical analytics: state-of-art analytical instruments for higher sensitivity and  throughput for analysis of food constituents
  • Physical analytics: texture, rheology, thermal properties, dispersion stability and particle/droplet size for food matrix evaluation and design
  • Food structure imaging: optical, confocal laser scanning, electron and atomic force microscopy, cryo focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy, and material imaging systems


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UTU, Dept of Life Technologies, Food Sciences Unit

Itäinen pitkäkatu, Turku

UH, Dept of Food and Nutrition

Agnes Sjöberginkatu 2, Helsinki (Viikki)

UH Food Characterisation facilities and services


Tekniikantie 21, Espoo




Mustialankatu, Helsinki (Viikki)