Services, guidelines and fees

Biomolecular Interactions Unit provides interaction analysis services as well as training and education for new users.

To offer the best service for our university-associated and external researchers, we have both SPR and thermophoresis -based instruments available for customer use. It is possible for customers to use the instruments independently after a training. We offer you assistance with experiment planning and sample preparation if you wish. Contact us to discuss more. Welcome!

User access policy

Biomolecular Interactions Unit provides interaction analysis services as well as user training for new users of the instruments. Access to Biacore T200 and Monolith NT.115 and their reservation calenders for individual users is given after a training session. Training for new users is arranged when needed.

New users should contact the facility's personnel and discuss their experimental setup before their first reservation. When making a contact, please provide following information:

  • Full name, e-mail address and phone number
  • Department or research group
  • Principal investigator or supervisor (name and address)
  • Billing information (profit center and WBS codes).

New independent users should be acquainted to basic principles of used techniques before user training. Before start all users are provided practical guidance for working in the facility. Appropriate training on the proper use of the instruments is obligatory for all new users. Contact facility personnel for further information and reservations for training.

Online reservation system is available for BiacoreT200 and MST. Userprofile and link for the reservation system will be granted by personnel.

User guidelines

Reservation: Remember to do reservations prior to instrument usage and possible cancellations as early as possible, cancellations minimum 3 hours before. Uncancelled reservations will be charged according to the booked time.

Instrument: The user should ensure that the instrument is ready to use with sufficient liquids and waste. Take care that all necessary start up and shut down procedures are done according to instrument guidelines. When using the Monolith NT.115, remember to fill the logbook.

Facility and data storage: In case of problems or need of help, contact personnel. Please inform the personnel if you notice any of the disposables running low in the lab. Remember to take copies of all you data and please, note that the unit don't make data backups.

Virus scanning must be done every time before attaching external memory to any instrument in the facility, there is a dedicated computer for scanning.

Acknowledgements: We kindly ask that the Biomolecular Interaction unit would be mentioned in the acknowledgements in research publications containing data acquired in or with support of the unit. It could be like: “The interaction analysis was performed at the Biomolecular Interaction Unit, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki.” Kindly inform the unit personnel about your publication.

Laboratory safety

Normal laboratory safety procedures should be followed. No eating or drinking is allowed in the laboratory. Also, please note that used tips and glass capillaries are not allowed to be put into normal trash cans, there are dedicated containers for those in the facility.

User fees


Independent use Service

Additional fees (e.g. start-up, cleaning and shut-down procedures)

Biacore T200 22 € / h 40 € / h  Instrument time 22 € / h + Service fee 40 € / h
Monolith NT.115 20 € / h 40 € / h Users from Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, Institute of Biotechnology, Neuroscience research center and Membrec -group members, please contact the core manager for inquires  

Prices in euros per hour for University of Helsinki customers. Training time will be invoiced according to instrument and service price (excluding VAT).  For academic and non-academic users outside University of Helsinki, please contact facility personnel.