Thermo Scientific CellInsight

Thermo Scientific CellInsight

(Room B502b)

Cell-based high-content screening system for automated fluorescence image aqcuisition and quantitative analysis. Ideal for both RNAi and chemical compound screens. Up to four different fluorochromes can be used.

With CellInsight, you can study e.g. biochemical targets, signaling pathways, organelle status, phenotypic changes, and cell functions. Special bioapplications are available, for example cell cycle, motility, spreading, and viability analysis, as well as for molecular translocation, GPCR signaling, neurite outgrowth, and cytotoxicity.


  • 10x air
  • 20x air (with correction collar for plate bottom thickness)

NB! There is only one objective available at a time. You will need to change the objective manually if the objective you need is not currently in the system. Please contact BIU staff for instructions before attempting this for the first time!

Excitation LEDs:

  • 374-398 nm (DAPI)
  • 475-495 nm (FITC)
  • 541-557 nm (Texas Red)
  • 623-637 nm (Cy 5)


  • 420-460 nm (DAPI)
  • 510-532 nm (FITC)
  • 590-624 nm (Texas Red)
  • 677-723 nm (Cy 5)

Please note that the emission filter is a quad filter and labels are differentiated by the excitation LED. Choose your fluorochromes in a way that avoids overlap in the excitation range.

Automation accessories:

  • Orbitor RS Microplate Mover
  • Barcode reader

Well plate format

Any multiwell format from 6-well plate up to 384-well plate. There is also an adapter for microscope slides (4 sildes per adapter). Thermo Scientific recommends Perkin-Elmer 96-well ViewPlates (black frame with clear bottom), cat. no 6005182, as well as Nunc 384-well plates. You can also purchase ViewPlates from BIU, we sell them on single plate basis, whereas PE has a minimum order size of 50.


  • Cell Cycle
  • Cell Health Profiling
  • Cell Motility
  • Cell Spreading
  • Colocalization
  • Compartmental Analysis
  • Cyto Cell Membrane Translocation
  • CytoNuc Translocation
  • GPCR Signaling
  • Molecular Translocation
  • Morphology Explorer
  • MP Cytotoxicity
  • Neuronal Profiling
  • Spot Detector
  • Target Activation
  • Tube Formation

The bioapplications are available on both the instrumetin workstation (for simultaneous analysis) and the Imaging workstation 2 (for disk-based scanning).