ILS-112 Special symposium on Advanced Imaging Techniques


Come and hear about latest developments in advanced light and electron microscopy methods from international and national imaging experts. The covered topics include for example: atomic force microscopy, image analysis, expansion microscopy, cellular force measurements, Cryo-ET and CLEM, volume EM, single particle CryoEM, light sheet, high-throughput, super-resolution, label-free, and in vivo imaging as well as introduction to EuroBioImaging.

Confirmed speakers: Susan Cox (KCL, London), Christel Genoud (FMI, Basel), Johannes Girstmair (MPI-CPG, Dresden), Gleb Grebnev (Turku BioImaging), Patrick Hoffmann (MRC-LMB, Cambridge), Peter Horvath (FIMM, Helsinki), Juha Huiskonen (HiLIFE, Helsinki), Teemu Ihalainen (BioMediTech, Tampere), Pasi Kankaanpää (Turku BioImaging), Vilja Pietiäinen (FIMM, Helsinki), Clare Strachan (University of Helsinki), Sari Tojkander (University of Helsinki).

General registration for the course at:

For students, who want credits from the symposium, there is a presymposium event on 4.3.2020, dedicated for student presentations, where each student will present their own imaging project or give a journal club (articles selected by the symposium speakers). Students please register at Weboodi: