Im­mig­ra­tion, Ra­cism and Na­tion­al­ism

Monday, 30 November, 2020

Online research workshop by ESSO, INEQ & CEREN

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What kind of patterns are evident in anti-immigration and far-right rhetoric? How do media represent multiculturalism in the contemporary context? What kind of affects are attached to these circulating meanings. What are the possibilities for resistance towards exclusionary orientations?

The workshop brings together scholars from social psychology, media and communication studies, sociology and political science to join in discussions on challenges of representing immigration, racism and nationalism. Presentations will discuss rhetorical, visual, and affective dimensions of communicating these topics. They will tackle the adoption, circulation, normalisation and resistance of anti-immigration and far-right views both in online and offline contexts, among political actors as well as the general public.

In addition to addressing the actual challenges of communication, the workshop aims to strengthen interdisciplinary dialogue and to take stock of recent theoretical and methodological developments. How can insights from different fields of study be mutually beneficial? How can we enhance interdisciplinary efforts to integrate different kinds of knowledge into multidimensional and nuanced understanding of these complex issues?

The research workshop is organized by the ESSO-group (Social Psychologists studying Ethnic Relations at University of Helsinki), Helsinki Inequality Initiative (INEQ), and the Centre for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism (CEREN).

Please register for the event via this E-form by Monday, 2 November, 2020.
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30.11.2020 Program (minor changes possible)

Location: Online via Zoom (registered participants will be provided with the details closer to the event)

Finnish local time (EET), UCT+2h

09:15–09:30  Opening by Professor Risto Kunelius (INEQ)      

09:30–10:30  Keynote 1: Professor Diana Mulinari (Lund University; invited): TBC

10:30–10:35  Short break

10:35–11:15  Presentation 1: Katarina Pettersson & Emma Nortio: The far-right discourse of multiculturalism in everyday talk: Reproduction and contestation in the Nordic region

11:15–11:20  Short break

11:20–12:00  Presentation 2: Minna Seikkula: The figure of the racist in antiracist advocacy

12:00–12:45  Lunch break

12.45–13:25  Presentation 3: Gwenaëlle Bauvois & Niko Pyrhönen: The multiculturalist nightmare?: Hybridized mediatization of dystopic narratives on diversity in right-wing populist political mobilization

13:25–13:30  Short break

13:30–14:10  Presentation 4: Mervi Pantti, Matti Nelimarkka & Aino Lehtisalo: ‘Racism card’ and other r-compounds: Deconstructing the meaning of racism in the Suomi24 discussion forum

14:10–14:15  Short break

14:15–14:55  Presentation 5: Satu Venäläinen: Discourse and affect(s) in the circulation of meaning-making around gendered violence and immigration 

14:55–15:00  Short break

15:00–16:00  Keynote 2: Professor Shirley Anne Tate (University of Alberta): Love for the dead: Sambo and the libidinal economy of 'post-race' conviviality

16:00­–           Conclusions and closing the seminar