INEQ – Helsinki Inequality Initiative brings together scholars and other actors to explore the global challenge of inequality.

INEQ hosts a continuous series of public talks that highlights the contributions of leading scholars in the field and tackles contemporary and emerging articulations of inequalities. Watch and listen Inequality Talks.

INEQ Interviews series introduces some leading academics, their research and views on inequality.

INEQ organizes an interdisciplinary research seminar 'Intersecting Inequalities' (I2) for UH scholars as well as thematic workshops on inequality related questions at the University of Helsinki. The seminar begun in September 2019 and highlights cutting edge academics and experts both from UH and elsewhere. For more information, visit Research seminars page.

INEQ also pulls together information on relevant teaching on inequality related questions and methodologies at the University of Helsinki. Have a look what INEQ affiliates and collaborators teach under Inequality Studies.

INEQ Interviews