Inequality talks

I2 Talks series brings some of the leading academics to the University of Helsinki to discuss multilayered questions of intersecting inequalities. Watch their I2 Talks here (videos) and listen how they respond to some of the key questions concerning global inequality.

INEQ Guest Talk: Rense Nieuwen­huis: Family di­versity in the dual-earner model

As­so­ci­ate Pro­fessor Rense Nieuwen­huis (SOFI, Stock­holm University) discusses vertical and horizontal aspects of economic inequality from the perspective of income distribution in various household types. (26 November, 2020)

INEQ Guest Talk: Philip Howard: Lie Machines - How to save democracy from social media

Professor Philip Howard (University of Oxford) discusses his recent book 'Lie Machines: How to Save Democracy from Troll Armies, Deceitful Robots, Junk News Operations, and Political Operatives' (2020). (12 November, 2020)

Linguistic diversity, multilingualism and the welfare state: Keynotes by Jan Svennevig & Kristina Gustafsson

Research workshop organized by INEQ and Finnish research network on linguistic diversity and the welfare state - Satakieli. (30 October, 2020)

Professor Juho Saari - Post-Pandemic Social Inequality

Professor Juho Saari (TUNI) starts INEQ Research Seminar Fall 2020 with a topic "Post-Pandemic Social Inequality". After Saari, Professor Anu Kantola (UH) gives comments on the talk. (10 September, 2020)

Rights, democracy and equality in the shadow of the pandemic

Organized by INEQ Associate Professor of Law Security and Privacy Dorota Gozdecka (UH) in cooperation with the Australian National University Gender Institute. (31 August, 2020)

Eriarvoisuus, politiikka, tutkimus

"Eriarvoisuus, tutkimus ja politiikka" (Inequality, research and policymaking: panel discussion (in Finnish)) with the Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo and INEQ Affiliated Scholars Antti Kauppinen, Lauri Kokkinen and Sonja Kosunen (29 August, 2019)

INEQ Grand Opening

”Intersecting Inequalities: the public launch of the Helsinki Inequality Initiative” Key note lecture "Data (and) Inequality" by Dr. Lina Dencik and short opening lines by professors Heikki Hiilamo, Suvi Keskinen & Eeva Luhtakallio (16 April, 2019)

Lecture by professor Göran Therborn In­creas­ing In­equal­ity: Para­dox, Puzzles, and Per­spect­ives

(26 March, 2019)