Inequality Studies

Helsinki Inequality Studies is an interdisciplinary cross-faculty study module (15–35 ETCS). Starting in Fall 2020 and hosted by Bachelor's Programme in Social Research, the module is open for all Helsinki University students.

INEQ affiliates and collaborators also lecture actively on inequality related questions and methodologies. Follow updates here.  


SOSK-209 Introduction to Inequality Studies, period I
Responsible teachers: Meri Kulmala, Risto Kunelius 

SOTE-334 Health Inequalities, period I/period III
Responsible teacher: Karri Silventoinen 

YMV-P509 Inequality and the Welfare State: Historical Perspective, period II
Responsible teacher: Johanna Rainio-Niemi 

GGL-311 Security, privacy and human rights law, period II
Responsible teacher: Dorota Gozdecka  

SOSK-IS506 Data, Artificial Intelligence and Inequality, period III
Responsible teachers: Roman Yangarber, Risto Kunelius 

GOEG-342 Geographies of Inequalities, period IV
Responsible teacher: Pia Bäcklund  

ICE-RCD325 Religion, Social Cohesion and (In)equality, period IV
Responsible teacher: Henrietta Grönlund