Finnish Ecosystem science meeting: ICOS, eLTER and AnaEE networks

The first Finnish Ecosystem science meeting: ICOS, eLTER and AnaEE networks will be held online during 4-6 May 2021 13-16 EEST. Everybody working with ecosystem research are cordially welcome to present their work, to learn from others, to network and to increase integrations of Finnish research.

Registration is open!

The aim of the meeting is to create possibilities for collaboration and integrated research in ecosystem sciences in the Finnish research community. We invite presentations and discussions on site-based aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem research in a whole system approach, including experimentation, long-term observation, and modelling, with applications on the carbon cycle and natural climate solutions. We hope the meeting will increase the knowledge of ecosystem research done in Finland, especially those using ICOS, eLTER and AnaEE data. The meeting is open to everyone interested in these topics. 


There will be keynote presentations by Anna-Liisa Laine, Chris Evans and Werner Kutsch, presentations by participants, discussions and workshops about topical issues.


The sessions of the meeting are:

  • Biodiversity links to ecosystem functioning
  • Scaling - how to use measurements for modeling at different scales
  • Lateral element transport between ecosystems and fluxes across boundaries
  • Nature climate solutions - ways forward to enhance land carbon sink and reduce adverse climate impacts of land use 

The workshops of the meeting are:

  • Dynamic data and data linking
  • Stable Isotope Measurements
  • Integrated modelling

More details about the meeting can be found in the meeting webpage.

You can register, submit your abstract, choose presentation type and workshop to participate by filling out the registration form.

The abstract submission deadline is 9th April 2021. The abstract template can be found at the meeting website. You may simply register without abstract as well by 27th April 2021. Don’t be shy about presenting your work!