Finnish Ecosystem science meeting

Welcome to the Finnish Ecosystem science meeting

On May 4–6 2021 we will organise the first national science meeting together with ICOS, eLTER and AnaEE research infras. This first shared meeting aims at empowering the research community working with carbon cycling, biodiversity, climate change and processes affecting them. The meeting will consist of participant presentations, key notes of invited international speakers, workshops on data management and collocation and collaboration between infrastructures.

We welcome all the people working with ecosystem studies to the meeting!


Aims of the meeting:

  • Create possibilities for integrated collaboration and research
  • Increase the knowledge of what kind of research is done in Finland


  • Biodiversity links to ecosystem functioning
  • Scaling - how to use measurements for modeling at different scales
  • Lateral element transport between ecosystems boundaries and fluxes across boundaries
  • Nature climate solutions - ways forward to enhance land carbon sink and reduce adverse climate impacts of land use