Other international infrastructures

International infrastructures

INAR RI community leads the Pan-Eurasian experiment (PEEX) programme aiming to establish a field station network across the vast continental regions east from Finland in the Boreal and Arctic region. This initiative will highly benefit from our expertise in performing long-term and world-class atmospheric and Earth surface measurements (cf. SMEAR stations).

Wel­ge­gund sta­tion

Welgegund station Grazed grassland-savannah in South Africa. The observations at the site include comprehensive atmosphere particle and meteorological observations. The site is operated jointly by the North-West University, the University of Helsinki and the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Taita Research Sta­tion, Kenya and Wel­ge­gund, South Africa

The Taita Research Station aims at facilitating multidisciplinary research and education which reverberated throughout the programme followed by more than 40 participants.



CLOUD (Cosmics Leaving Outdoor Droplets) in CERN is actively used by INAR researchers.



EUROCHAMP-2020 will integrate the most advanced European atmospheric simulation chambers into a world-class infrastructure for research and innovation. Atmospheric simulation chambers are the most advanced tools for elucidating processes that occur in the atmosphere. They lay the foundations for air quality and climate models and also aid interpretation of field measurements. The research facility ILMARI in UEF is one of the high level simulation chambers in the European infrastructure network EUROCHAMP.