Open education tools

INAR has contributed to several open education tools that can be used as study material or education tools in elementary schools or in secondary education.

Carbon tree is an interactive web page installation. It presents both artistic animation and traditional graphs to visualize the real time uptake and release of carbon in a Scots pine tree at SMEAR II. Besides the on-line data, the web pages include interactivity: a user can change the state of the environmental factors and see the effect on the rate of CO2 exchange. We also have an interactive carbon tree installation for exhibitions.

Real-time data on aerosol particles measured from SMEAR II can be followed in augmented reality in Josefina Nelimarkka’s newest piece of art on your phone. A Kairos2 application is available for Android (iOS coming soon). is a climate change study module for higher education on any discipline. It was developed in collaboration with the University of Helsinki and Lappeenranta University of Technology.

Open Ilmasto-opas is a material bank for climate change related teaching in Finnish primary schools.

OpenIFS provides an easy-to-use version of the Integrated Forecasting System for external users for research and teaching.