INAR activities for schools

High school activities at Institute for Atmospheric and Earth Systems Research (INAR)

NB: most of the activities can be arranged in Finnish, Swedish or English according to your needs.

The suggestions below are models of collaboration which we have experience in, but we are also interested in new ideas regarding school collaboration. Don’t hesitate to be in touch, so we can discuss what we could organize together. We can offer for example:

  • A visit to INAR research laboratories at Kumpula Campus. In our laboratories we study for example atmospheric aerosols and trace gases using a variety of physics and chemistry measurements (e.g. gas analysers, condensation particle counters, mass spectrometers…). The lab tour can be combined with a visit to the SMEAR I urban atmospheric station nearby at Kumpula, or the radar laboratory measuring various meteorological phenomena.
  • A visit to the “Fotoni” (Photon) teaching laboratory, hosted collaboratively by the LUMA Science centre and INAR. In the laboratory, a variety of educational laboratory work is instructed by the teaching staff. You can for example study the greenhouse effect or carbon sequestration of forests. Further info at:
  • A visit to the Hyytiälä forestry field station in Pirkanmaa, Southern Finland, and the collocated SMEAR II atmospheric and ecosystem research station. You can inquire about a potential visit from the coordinator Reetta Matilainen ( It may be possible to have guided tours at the measurement station, workshops and/or meet on-site researchers in Hyytiälä, depending on their schedules. Independent science trail visits are possible during snow-free seasons. You can additionally organize lodging, meals and other practical matters via the Hyytiälä office secretary.
  • When possible, we also try to arrange lectures or discussion meetings with university’s researchers. If you are working on a particular question related to atmospheric sciences, we can relay it to a suitable researcher and ask if they could arrange time for a school visit either live or virtually. Researcher visits can be inquired from “Fotoni” (Photon) or INAR researchers directly.
  • The Climate University initiative ( has produced an online course about the basics of climate change for high school students. The course is offered yearly in May-June via Open university. Please contact Janina Taurinen ( for further information. You can also study the course independently, if you do not need formal study credits, you can find the open course via
  • We also offer continuous education in climate change topics for teachers of all subjects, in for of e.g. the Teachers Climate Change Forum (TCCF), held yearly in autumn. For further info, please contact Reetta Matilainen (