Systems and cognitive neuroscience

Satu Palva research group

We are interested in systems and circuit level mechanisms of behavior and cognition. In particular, our work focuses on uncovering the mechanistic role of neuronal oscillations (brain rhythms) in the dynamic emergence of cognitive functions and behaviors and conversely, their deficits in brain diseases. My research is centered on applying electrophysiological methods in humans (MEG/EEG and intracranial EEG)) in combination with brain stimulation (TMS, tACS) to identify spatio-temporal neuronal patterns causally related to behavior and in  awake behaving rodents to study the underlying biological mechanisms of brain circuit dynamics. My research on neuronal oscillation dynamics transverse across scales from biology to cognitive psychology and medicine by aiming to understand mechanistic perspective that brain oscillatory networks play in the behaviors and brain diseases in one hand, and on the other hand, biological (genetic, neurophysiological) mechanisms that influence these brain dynamics.


Satu Palva
Docent in Neuroscience, group leader
P.O. Box 21, FI-00014 University of Helsinki
Phone: 59603 (internal), +358 50 4484 742

Lab address

Haartmaninkatu 3 B, E-wing, 4th floor,
00014 Helsinki, Finland.
Phone: +358 2941 57611