Systems and computational neuroscience

Satu Palva research group

Human brain function emerges from complex brain dynamics distributed over spatial and temporal hierarchies.  The research carried out in my laboratory is focused on understanding these complex systems dynamics and large-scale network activities. In particular, our work focuses on uncovering the mechanistic role of neuronal oscillations (brain rhythms) and brain criticality in the dynamic emergence of cognitive functions and behaviors, and conversely, their deficits in brain diseases. Our research uses cutting-edge multimodal neuroimaging combining electrophysiology (MEG/EEG/iEEG) with MRI-based methods and brain stimulation (TMS, tACS) to identify spatio-temporal neuronal patterns causally related to behavior.


Satu Palva
Docent in Neuroscience, group leader, director
P.O. Box 63, Biomedicum 1, B222b, FI-00014 University of Helsinki
Phone: +358 294159603

Lab address

Haartmaninkatu 3 B, E-wing, 4th floor,
00014 Helsinki, Finland.
Phone: +358 2941 57611