Endocytic cytoskeleton biology

Leonardo Almeida Souza research group

The spatiotemporal balance of surface proteins such as receptors, transporters and adhesion molecules is essential for cellular and tissue homeostasis. One key process to maintain this balance is endocytosis, the mechanism by which membrane components are internalised. Higher organisms have evolved a plethora of endocytic pathways with unique characteristics. Nonetheless, one common feature of all types of endocytosis is the use of actin-generated forces to aid plasma membrane deformation required for the completion of the internalisation process. We aim to understand the molecular logic behind the dynamics of the actin cytoskeleton at endocytic sites and how disturbances in this process affect physiology and disease progression. 


Leonardo de Almeida-Souza, PhD 

Assistant Professor 

HiLIFE, Institute of Biotechnology  

Biocenter 2, Room 3039

P.O.Box 56 (Viikinkaari 5 D) 

00014 University of Helsinki  


Phone: +358 (0) 29 41 59 531

Email: leonardo.almeida-souza@helsinki.fi 

Leonardo is Assistant Professor of Cell Biology at HiLIFE and Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences. He is affiliated also with BI where his laboratory is located. Leonardo holds a position of Academy Research Fellow from 2021-2026. His lab has received funding from national foundations (Sigrid Jusélius foundation, Magnus Ehrnrooth foundation and Finnish Diabetes foundation) and from international organisations (Instruct-ERIC R&D awards).