Research at Institute of Biotechnology
The research activities at the Institute of Biotechnology are carried out in independent research groups joined into research programs. The programs consist of several multidisciplinary research teams focusing on a specific area of molecular biology, cell biology or biotechnology.
Research programmes and Director's Laboratory

The Institute of Biotechnology houses three research programs, each with several excellent research groups and labs. Each research programme has a Research Programme Director who is one of the Principal Investigators (PI) of the programme. Explore the Research Program pages to find our research groups by program and director's laboratory.

The Research Programme Directors for the term 1 August 2021 - 31 July 2024 are

Nicolas Di-Poi, (from 8 April 2022-), Cell and Tissue Dynamics Programme (vice-director Eija Jokitalo)
Brendan Battersby, Genomics and Evolutionary Biology (vice-director Susana Garcia)
Ville Paavilainen, Structural and Quantitative Biology

Core facilities

We run several state-of-the-art core facilities, which are shared both locally in HiLIFE as well as nationally as part of Biocenter Finland. Facilities are also popular among enterprises in the life sciences area.