Call for a director of Neuroscience Center

HiLIFE has launched a call for appointing a new Director for Neuroscience Center. We are seeking a visionary scientific leader with an internationally recognised strong track record of innovative and interdisciplinary research in neurosciences.

Helsinki Institute of Life Science (HiLIFE) is seeking a Director for the Neuroscience Center (NC). NC is a research unit belonging to HiLIFE at the University of Helsinki (UH), a leading Nordic university with a strong commitment to life science research.

The goals of the Neuroscience Center are to advance fundamental mechanistic understanding of brain functioning and to develop these discoveries into improved treatment, prevention, and diagnosis of psychiatric and neurological disorders. Research in the 17 research groups in NC spans several scales from stem cell research and molecular neuroscience to systems and cognitive neuroscience in both animal models and humans.

NC hosts state-of-art facilities for modern neuroscience research, including infrastructures for in vivo rodent and human brain imaging as well as for electrophysiology, neuronal stem cell research, and behavioural studies for mice. NC also coordinates neuroscience research across disciplines locally with faculties within the University of Helsinki and in Helsinki Brain & Mind, which is a neuroscience network in the capital region formed by the University of Helsinki, Aalto University and HUS Helsinki University Hospital, and a regional node of Neurocenter Finland.   

We are seeking a visionary scientific leader with an internationally recognised strong track record of innovative and interdisciplinary research in neurosciences, and with strong leadership skills, including prior experience in leadership and management. Suitable candidates for the position think strategically, are innovative, have a global mind-set, and have strong people and change agility skills. We value merits in building interdisciplinary academic research in a highly collaborative environment.  

The NC Director will  

  • Lead the scientific research within the NC and produce and implement a strategy for future scientific growth, development, and excellence 
  • Be responsible for daily operations, personnel, resources and procuring external funding, and development of NC    
  • Recruit and foster a new generation of outstanding researchers  
  • Lead the director’s own research group 
  • Foster new collaborations, also within the University of Helsinki and HiLIFE 
  • Contribute to the development of life-science research cooperation across the University’s faculties and institutes 

The NC director is a member of HiLIFE Management Team and a member of the steering group of Neurocenter Finland. 

The director is anticipated start as soon as possible or as negotiated. The position is initially for five years with a possibility of renewal and is associated with funding for the group. For more information, please visit the NC Director call announcement webpage. The application deadline is January 9th, 2023 (23:59 Finnish time).