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The Neuroscience Center is an international research unit within Helsinki Institute of Life Science (HiLIFE) of the University of Helsinki, a leading Nordic university with a strong commitment to life science research.

Neuroscience Center (NC) fosters a vibrant intellectual environment that brings together a multidisciplinary group of neuroscientists. The mission of the Neuroscience Center is to advance fundamental discoveries in neurosciences to understand how the brain gives rise to complex dynamics and behaviors in health and disease. The research in NC spans across several scales from stem cell research to neurobiology, to circuit- and systems neuroscience. Our research applies various cutting-edge neurotechnology platforms, neuroimaging tools and sophisticated analysis techniques that helps us unravel neuronal processing at multiple levels. Our goal is to pursue fundamental discoveries about brain functions and to promote health and wellbeing by translating research findings into improvements in the treatments, preventions and diagnostics of psychiatric and neurological disorders. Our community is international and we are committed to inclusive, safe, comfortable culture for promoting diverse talents.


Come and hear our top neuroscientists discuss these and other timely questions in the context of their research. The events are open to students, postdocs, group leaders, or anyone interested in neuroscience, and science in general. 

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Neuroscience Center is located in Meilahti campus in Helsinki. 

You can reach the director and our administrative team at