Borrowing and renewals

Use the self-service lending machines to check out books. In order to use the library's self-service lending machines, you need a PIN code which you receive on obtaining a Helka library card.

Loan periods for all materials are displayed in the Helka database. You are personally responsible for all materials borrowed on your library card, so please remember to check the loan periods from your user details in Helka.

The collections also include theses, dissertations and other materials not available for home loans. 

Loan periods at Helsinki University Library are as follows:

  • Textbooks: 14 or 28 days, the loan period varies depending on location and title
  • Short-term loans of textbooks: 2 days
  • Other than textbooks and parts of series: 28 days
  • Academic journals: No home loans

Renew your loans in Helka database by logging in to your customer account. The library does not guarantee that loans can always be successfully renewed, so please do this before the due date. There is an overdue fine for loans returned late. A loan cannot be renewed if there are requests for the item or if your borrowing rights have been suspended.

From the details of each of your loan, you can see the date until which you can renew the loan. The renewal period is about 12 times for textbooks and about 50 times for other books. Short-term loans of textbooks (2-day loan period) cannot be renewed. When loans reach the renewal limit, the books must be returned to the library.

It is possible to renew all of your Helka loans at the same time.

Your borrowing rights will be suspended in all Helka libraries 14 days after the loan period has expired or if you have total unpaid fines of €15 or more.

Suspensions apply to all Helka libraries and prevent borrowing, reservation and the renewal of loans. Your borrowing rights will be reinstated once you have returned the material leading to the suspension and paid the fines. The longer you wait, the larger the fine will be. Remember that you can always ask customer service for advice if you do not know what to do. In urgent cases, please phone +358 2941 23920.